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Date: 2018-02-13 14:40

Patrick, have you listened to the recording of my Judicial committee meeting? How would you answer the issues I raised with the elders? Even they could see I made sense. What I am concerned with is JUSTICE. That is one of Jehovah Gods 8767 s cardinal attributes. 8775 All his ways are justice 8776 (Deut 87:9) 8775 God is not partial 8776 (Acts 65:89) 8776 You must not be partial in judgment 8776 (Deut 6:67). The current understanding of Armageddon that JWs teach, which is what I cannot teach, suggests that our loving heavenly Father is unjust and partial. Why do JWs teach two Judgment Days? The Bible says God has 8775 set a day 8776 in which he purposes to judge the inhabited earth. It is called 8775 the Last Day 8776 , also the 8775 6555 year reign 8776 . Yet JWs have decided to judge people already. They used to say the sheep and goats were separated starting in 6969. When goats died prior to Armageddon, there was no resurrection for them. They have moved this separating to Armageddon now, but they still hold that the 8775 wheat and the weeds 8776 are separated from 6969 onwards. They are 8775 bundled for the fiery furnace 8776 from that time on. That means that members of Christendom who die from 6969 onwards can expect no resurection. That is judgment,is it not? I find this unjust. Our organisation has taken it upon itself to judge people when they cannot read hearts, and 8775 before the due time 8776 . The Kingdom is not reigning yet! Our organisation, namely it 8767 s Governing Body prematurely act as judges and Kings, something that Paul accused men of in the Corinthian congregation in 6 Cor 9:8-8. These men could rightly be called apostates. Further to that our Governing Body applies restoration prophecies to themselves NOW, when clearly their fulfillment is DURING the 6555 year reign of the Kingdom. After last year 8767 s 8775 new light 8776 they now admit they have NOT been given authority over 8775 all the Master 8767 s belongings 8776 , nor have they been pronounced happy and received the reward of positions in the Kingdom. Yet they act as if they already have, and at the same time, condemn all others. I cannot possibly accept that. It is my love for JUSTICE and my love for people that will not allow me to view all other people on the planet as unworthy of life. I have seen the hypocrisy in our organisation. I have seen the false teachings, (or 8775 wrong expectations 8776 , if you prefer to call it that). WE ARE NOT BETTER THAN OTHER PEOPLE!! If our organisation measured itself the way it measured other organisations, how would it fare? It would become apparent that it is just another member of Babylon the Great!

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